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Wellness & Spa therapies

Our own inside pool with thermalwater, finnish sauna and infrared sauna wait for guests from 6:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M every day.

Finnish Sauna

It is recommended to take a sauna in several stages in a room of 120 °C temperature with 5-30 % humidity, gradually increasing the length of time. The hot and dry sweat should always be followed by a cool-off, then a rest. It has got a powerful stabilizing and regulating effect and combines well with detoxification cures and therapeutic treatments like a massage.

Infrared sauna

It is more safe and comfortable because the infrared heat warms up not the air but the body so we can sweat on lower temperature (35-55 C˚) and it is more effectively than the Finnish Saunas. This is an excellent way of cleaning out body impurities, losing weight, caring for the skin, easing the stress and the tiredness.

The pools with different water temperature fulfilling all claims give place to wellness experience, recovery, opportunities of relaxation and sport as well. The cures founded on the acknowledged medicinal water are also wide-ranging: health centers, pool, voltaic bath, whirlpool bath, curative massage, mud pack, electrotherapy, remedial gymnastics, and aqua fitness. We can offer for our guests bathcure with 10, 20 or 30 healing treatments.


Massage has a relaxing and at the same time activating effect on the tissues and muscles. It invigorates the blood supply, restores the skin and lymphatic functions. Breathing deepens. It is advisable to have infrared thermo-therapy prior to taking a massage. If disorders appear in the functioning of the lymphatic system, water builds up in the tissues leading to the possible formation of oedemas. The aim of lymph massage therapy is to restore a balance between the quantity of accumulated water in the tissues and the performance of the lymph ducts. Stroking, pumping movements drain the lymph node, and speed up the off-channelling of surplus lymphatic fluid.

Aromatic massage

The relaxing, stress-relieving, gentle all-over bodywork is complemented with the use of volatile oils or their combination chosen according to the current body condition. It intensifies the relaxing, energising and revitalising effect of the massages. The aromatic massage is beneficial for stress relief, physical and mental regeneration, the improvement of general well-being, energising, and stimulates the body’s inherent self-healing process.

Healing massage

The massage is the oldest and the most applied treatment. The tone of the skin and the muscles is positively effected by classic grip technique which has the effect of improving circulation in the treated area. Through this method, pain and tiredness is reduced and psychological health is improved. This is a very popular therapy due to its relaxing and muscle loosening effect.

Honey massage

In the course of honey massage we work the honey with special catches in the skin. It has a strong excrementizing effect, it brings the soiling settling down from the pores to the surface. And it strenghtens the body outlines in short time, makes the skin tighter and repairs it’s elasiticity.

Chocolate massage

The massage with chocolate is the most endorfin producing, sense touching treatment, decreases phobia and discomfort. It hydrates and tonizates the skin, because of free minerals it revitalises and softens the skin. Perfect diving to the physical and mental welfare.


This natural mud from Hévíz is used as a pack. The mud is both organically and inorganically rich. Its properties include the capacity to store heat well due to it being a near perfect heat insulator, which makes it ideal for the treatment of chronic and worn away joints, spinal deformities, muscle spasms and long term abdominal complaints. Before the cure you please consult with your doctor.

Medicinal pack

The medicines are put on the skin as an ointment or solution to cause local hyperaemia. We use painkilling, muscle-loosing and inflammation relief packs.


The bubble bath causes the dilation of the surface veins and intensifies blood circulation in the connective tissues of the skin and muscles. This leads to lower blood pressure in the arteries (this is prolonged in case of serial treatments), which causes improved heart function and increased volume. Consequently, blood circulation in the heart itself improves and metabolism becomes faster.


Inhalation is used mainly in the treatment of respiratory diseases and the inflammation of the nostrils and sinuses. Solid, liquid or vaporised particles are imbibed into the respiratory organs.

Underwater Jet Massage

This is a hydrotherapeutic massage treatment, which uses warm water jets and is carried out in a bath.
It has a beneficial effect on muscle tone while also improving peripheral and lymphatic circulation. It is used in event of joint pain, after care following accident or operation and improvement of physical condition.

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